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Nina Raine's CONSENT is an intricately constructed, philosophical, drama with a very dark comical tone - using the template of a classic Greek tragedy within a modern context.We are drawn into the present-day world of barristers - from courtroom to bedroom. We see the impact that their everyday relationships and sexual politics have on the people around them and the others they represent. Feelings of vengeance and justice are buried within unapologetic jokes of vaginal births and victim's impact statements. Empathy is hard to find. A morality tale about opposing truths; the audience is invited to make their own judgement on these (mostly) privileged characters and their polarising attitudes. Its themes are hard-hitting and its language can be shocking at times. Whilst not written as a '#metoo play', the subject matter and the writer's smart and direct choice of language resonates heavily today and helps keeps some fundamentally important conversations alive.The play premiered in London’s West End in 2017, to critical acclaim. "A bracingly clever, courtroom drama", Michael Billington.

Filmed in rehearsal at the New Venture Theatre, Birghton in May 2022.Directed by: Scott Roberts
Starring: Nik Balfe, Karina Mills and Will Mytum
Filmed by: James Michael